Maintaining your car is important, yet a tough job. Yes, we get it and that’s why we’ve got something that’ll do a spring cleaning to get all those dust, dirt and grime off the carpets and seats. 

It’s none-other than our top selling Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner (YK 301) in our Automobile Accessories category. It is a handy vacuum cleaner with a canister capacity of 4 litres. It comes with a 106cm long flexible hose that helps you reach into the nooks and corners of your car. Looking into the tech specs, it has 12V Direct Current power input and an air pump function.

Get yours ASAP for just Rs.1,500 with SIX months warranty from the best online shopping site in Sri Lanka! That’s a good deal right? Place your order and get it delivered to your doorstep in just 3 working days! Island wide delivery available! 

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